Allow Firearms at Republican National Convention! Says The Petition signed By 20,000 People!


As many as 20,000 people are of the opinion that at the Republican National Convention, attendees should be allowed to carry open firearms. The Republican National Convention is said to be held in the month of July in Cleveland.The petition which only required 5000 signs, was posted on on Monday. This petition was initiated by the Americans for Responsible open Carry, which is a group who is in favor of the rights of the citizens to carry guns.Even though only 5000 signs were required, people have given an overwhelming response and as of now 20000 people have signed the petition. The Quicken Loans Arena where this Convention will be held comes under the Gun Free zones.

According to the petitioners, this Convention will be the soft target for any terrorist group wanting to make a big statement. In the view of latest terrorist attacks, such conventions are the perfect place of attack where many dignitaries are gathered at one place. Making it further easy for such destructive elements, this convention is in an area where no firearms are allowed. This will make the attendees very vulnerable to any such attacks. In thecase of any attacks, they will not be able to protect themselves. This can result in a very serious situation.

The group of Americans for Responsible Open Carry have some more demands which they want to be fulfilled. In addition to the permission to carry firearms in the convention area, the group wants the ban in Ohio on guns in apublic area to be condemned. Their next demand is that the Governor John Kasich should override the Ohio law regarding the gun free zones by suing his executive power.According to toe the petition, if these demands are not met, then the Republican National Convention should be held at a different venue where the attendees will be able to carry their guns.

The petition says that as per the National Rifle Association, such gun free zone make it easy for the terrorist to plan and execute their attack as they are aware of the fact that they will not face any counter attacks from people in such gun free zone. They can get maximum damage at such places at minimum risk to their own members. The petitioners also suggest that such gun free zones are against the Second Amendment.

According to the petitioners, carrying guns for protection of themselves and their family is their God given rights and when a gun free zone was selected as the venue of the convention, the organizers have put all the people’s lives in danger as they will not be able to protect themselves in any terrorist attack. The existence of any such petition was not known to the Ohio Republican Party and the party is not involved in the arrangements regarding the convention.However, the arrangement of the security and safety of the attendees of the convention is being handled by the state and federal authorities and the Secret Service. Let us see how the scenario develops in next few days.

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